Natura Utero 25ml


This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the female reproductive system for treatment of vaginal infections and vaginal inflammation.

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Natura Utero 25ml

This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the female reproductive system for treatment of:

• vaginal infections
• vaginal inflammation
• prediagnosed vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea).

Homoeopathic complementary medicine
Each 1ml of liquid contains:

Arsenicum album D6
Chamaelirium luteum (Helonias dioica) D6
Cinchona succirubra D4
Creosotum D6
Ferrum phosphoricum D12
Gratiola linifolia D6
Hydrastis canadensis D6
Lachesis mutus D12
Secale cornutum D6
Sepia officinalis D6
Preservative: 20% Alcohol

Homoeophatic Mode of Action
Arsenicum album treats metrorrhagia, menorrhagia, acrid vaginal discharge and burning pain in the region of the ovaries.

Chamaelirium luteum acts on the female reproductive and urinary systems to treat leucorrhoea and itching vulvae.

Cinchona succirubra is indicated for painful heaviness in the pelvic region and bloody vaginal discharge.

Creosotum has an analgesic effect and relieves burning, swelling and itching of the labia, pain in genitalia, bleeding after intercourse, acrid yellow vaginal discharge, early prolonged menses and offensive lochia after childbirth.

Ferrum phosphoricum has an anti-inflammatory and anti-anaemic action alleviating dry hotness of the vagina, a short cycle with menses every three weeks and associated lowered haemoglobin levels and fatigue.

Gratiola officinalis is indicated for vaginal discharges and for menses that are too early, too profuse and too long.

Hydrastis canadensis acts on the mucous lining of the female reproductive system to treat erosion of the cervix, acrid vaginal discharge and itching vulvae.

Lachesis mutus is indicated for copious, offensive vaginal discharges with redness and swelling of external parts.

Secale cornutum acts on the female reproductive system to treat offensive brownish vaginal discharge and dark offensive lochia after childbirth.

Sepia officinalis acts on the vascular and female reproductive systems to treat yellow-greenish vaginal discharge, itching genitals, stitch-like pains upward in the vagina and pain with intercourse

Dosage and Directions
10 drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water 3 times daily. May be taken hourly in acute cases while symptoms are severe. Reduce dosage with improvement of symptoms.

Side Effects and Special Precautions
There are no known side effects.


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