Natura Landi F 25ml


This is a homoeopathic medicine which acts as a female tonic and assists in supporting the function of the female reproductive system.

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Natura Landi F 25ml

This is a homoeopathic medicine which acts as a female tonic and assists in supporting the function of the female reproductive system for treatment of cellulite, sexual debility, menstrual cycle irregularities, menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea), premenstrual tension and associated moodiness, irritability, mild depression, mental and physical fatigue. Also assists in the treatment of prediagnosed female infertility. To be sure that serious conditions do not persist undetected, please ensure that female infertility is prediagnosed by a suitably qualified practitioner.

Each 1ml of liquid contains:

Aurum metallicum D30 Pancreas D12
Conium maculatum Spag D30
Pituitrinum (Hypophysinum) D12
Glandula suprarenalis D12
Sepia officinalis D30
Glandula thymi D12
Vitex agnus-castus (Agnus castus) D30
Natrium muriaticum D12
Preservative: 20% Alcohol
Ovarinum D12

Homoeophatic Mode of Action
Aurum metallicum has a cleansing and strengthening effect on the glandular and circulatory systems. It treats swollen glands, loss of sexual interest, sterility and vaginismus. Conium maculatum has wide ranging action on the glandular system. It helps treat glandular enlargement, ovaritis and dysmenorrhoea. Glandula suprarenalis helps balance the function of the adrenal glands. It contributes to treatment of sterility, enhances a sense of vitality and has an anti-inflammatory action in the case of pelvic inflammatory disease associated with sterility. Glandula thymi helps balance the function of the thymus gland. It is indicated for menstrual cycle irregularities that have been present since puberty and are associated with premenstrual syndrome and impaired fertility. Natrium muriaticum restores correct fluid distribution in the body, treating menstrual flow abnormalities. It also relieves the emotions associated with premenstrual syndrome. Ovarinum acts on the ovaries to ensure optimal function and helps treat impaired female fertility. Pancreas sarcode helps improve pancreatic function and by improving metabolic function, assists in prevention and treatment of cellulite. Pituitrinum (Hypophysinum) helps restore the overall balance of the endocrine system and the interaction of hormones. This helps treat problems with conception and the menstrual cycle. Sepia officinalis acts on the female reproductive and portal circulatory systems to treat painful menstruation, late, scanty menstruation and associated irritability and tearfulness. Vitex agnus-castus acts on the endocrine system to stimulate progestogenic action. It improves sexual vitality, relieves depression and lethargy accompanying scanty menses, suppressed fertility and insufficient milk production in lactating mothers.

Please consult your practitioner if symptoms are severe or persist without improvement for longer than the following time limits: Premenstrual tension and associated mild depression, irritability, moodiness, mental and physical fatigue should improve within four weeks, menstrual cycle irregularities and menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea) should improve within eight weeks and female infertility should improve within three months. In the rare event of hypersensitivity to an ingredient in this medicine, discontinue use. Substitute existing medical treatment under professional supervision.

Dosage and Directions
Take ten drops directly on the tongue or diluted in a little water three times daily.

Side Effects and Special Precautions
There are no known side effects.


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