Fix-4-Nails Nail Fungus Solution 30ml


‘Loose nails’ is a finger and toe nail condition which is not only unsightly, but can also be the forerunner of or hide fungal nail infections.

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Fix-4-Nails Nail Fungus Solution 30ml

‘Loose nails’ is a finger and toe nail condition which is not only unsightly, but can also be the fore runner of or hide fungal nail infections.


A nail is loose when the nail plate becomes separated from the nail bed.

A loose nail usually starts from minor trauma such as an injury to the nail, or from jogging, nail biting, or aggressive manicuring; or from contact with irritants or excessive exposure to water. The first sign of a nail becoming loose is a change in its colour from pink to yellow or cream. The nail however remains attached around its edges. A loose nail is therefore not ‘loose’ so as if to fall off.

Normal nail

This cavity under the nail plate is now the ideal habitat for fungal growth – an infection that can spread to other nails.

Colour change of loose nails:

Once loose, and it is ignored, FUNGI OR NO FUNGI, the nail starts degenerating

Degenerated nails – and it can get much worse than this


A fungal infected nail can be treated very effectively with modern day oral anti-fungal treatments; but a loose nail needs to be treated as a ‘loose nail’ whether it is fungal infected or not.

Let me explain: Imagine both your big toe-nails are loose; let’s say from jogging. The one has a fungal infection, the other not. You start treating the fungal infection with a very effective modern day anti-fungal treatment. After finishing the anti-fungal treatment, the previously fungal infected nail, although the fungus has now been eradicated, still looks the same as your other loose nail, which never had a fungus. Both are now free of fungi – but both are still loose!

What have you achieved? Will you be happy with the results; still having two loose nails? You have achieved nothing regarding their appearance, not so? A loose nail without a fungus is still a loose nail and needs more than just an anti-fungal for a full recovery.

Once a nail is loose the only way it can recover, is for it to re-grow in unison with the nail bed to its original splendor! This is the reason why people often wrongly assume that the anti-fungal prescribed by the doctor was not effective; simply because it did not result in a healthy looking new nail.

For the nail to re-grow, favourable conditions need to exist under the nail – such as the nail bed being soft and flexible and fungus free. Any living organism, including a fungus, needs specific ideal conditions to proliferate; that is to survive and flourish. Change these environmental conditions effectively and that organism disappears. This is a basic fact of life.


A pharmacist developed a product in 2007 from a very old formula that does exactly this. The efficiency of this product has been proven over many decades; and relies on the dual action of its ingredients. Salicylic acid has keratolitic properties, that is, it softens the accumulated keratin under the nail plate and with it the nail bed. It also contains benzoic acid, which, in combination with the salicylic acid has known anti-fungal properties, as is recorded in the MARTINDALE; the pharmacists ‘bible’ so to say.

The product, Fix-4-Nails® therefore causes the under-nail conditions to become suitable for re-growth of nails and unsuitable for fungi; and the body can and will then in most cases grow beautiful healthy nails to their original splendor. This makes Fix-4-Nails the essential AID in the body’s natural restoring by re-growth of loose, degenerated and / or fungal infected nails. It is the only product, that we know of, that addresses this unsightly nail condition in this effective ‘dual action’ way. Fix-4-Nails does not need to, but can be used simultaneously with oral anti-fungal treatments; we do not however recommend the use of any other topical application of any sorts at the same time!


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