Pegasus Muco drainol 30C


As the name suggests, this remedy helps to drain mucus wherever it lies.


Pegasus Muco drainol 30C

As the name suggests, this remedy helps to drain mucus wherever it lies e.g. from the nasal passages & nasal sinuses as well as the ears, thus easing sinus congestion and the ‘snotty nose syndrome’ in children where painful blocked ears are a problem. Also very effective for mucus on the chest where the remedy helps to thin the mucus, so that it is easier to cough up and expel i.e. for ‘wet’ coughs with much phlegm or mucus. The remedy also reduces mucus in the throat that is difficult to clear.

NB: It is highly recommended to use this remedy in conjunction with the sinus 30C remedy for sinus congestion and pain, ‘snotty nose’ and blocked ears, children with grommets. Dose 5 minutes apart.

For infections, add anti-virabac 1M at the earliest stage.


Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Aconitum napellus Inflammatory conditions and fever in pleurisy and pneumonia; helps in expectoration of blood-streaked, frothy white mucus.
Allium cepa Acts on the mucous membranes of the nose, eyes and larynx. Useful for acrid, burning, copious watery discharges from the nose and eyes. Also used for shooting earache in the Eustachian tubes extending to the throat.
Ipecacuanha Incessant violent cough with wheezing bronchi; loose rattling in the chest without expectoration; bronchial pneumonia; discharges that are foamy and profuse.
Kali bichromicum Has a special affinity for the mucous membranes of the air passages. Good for catarrh of the pharynx, larynx, bronchi and nose, presenting with tough, thick and stringy secretions that are often yellow in colour.
Kali bromatum, Kali carbonicum, Kali muriaticum Generally, all the kali. salts have value in conditions with thick, mucus build-up and sub-acute inflammatory states. They are of benefit in chronic mucous-congested conditions of the middle ear, swollen glands around the ear, pain in the Eustachian tubes, nasal catarrh with milky white discharge and difficulty in clearing the throat with phlegm build-up.
Kali nitricum Deals with secretions into cavities.
Kali phosphoricum  Excellent in young children where weakness and tiredness present with golden yellow secretions and septic states of nose, ears and chest.
Kali sulphuricum Eustachian deafness with serious discharges of profuse, yellow, thin or sticky offensive matter from the eyes, nose and ears.
Mercurius dulcis Has a marked effect on mucous-congested inflammation of the ear and helps to prevent “glue ear” and otitis media.
Spongia tosta Difficult breathing as if plug in throat, feeling of suffocation; cough may be tight and croupy or an asthmatic, wheezing cough. May be profuse mucus expectoration, difficult to raise.

Dosage: In acute conditions, suck 3 – 5 pillules in a clean mouth every hour for 3 doses then every 2 hours for 3 doses. Continue 4 hourly until relief is obtained. Thereafter dose 3 times daily until well.

Do not dose continuously for longer than 3-5 days. If further treatment is required, consult a homeopath or health practitioner. If any new symptoms develop that were not present initially, stop the remedy and consult a homeopath.


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