Pegasus Migraine 30C


Useful for acute and chronic migraine conditions.

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Pegasus Migraine 30C

Useful for acute and chronic migraine conditions. Regular use of this remedy will in time help to reduce the frequency and intensity of episodes.


Remedy   Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Belladonna Migraine, sudden onset of headache, violent throbbing, sharp shooting pain over forehead and temples, sensation of fullness and pressure, often settling over right eye, headache worse on right side, sensitive scalp.
Made worse by: movement, jarring, sun, light, heat, noise, stooping, coughing, lying down, sitting in a draught.
Bryonia Migraine, left-sided headaches, mainly over left eye and forehead extending over whole head. Intense throbbing, sensation of head ‘about to burst’. Heavy head, nausea and dizziness on sitting up, hands and feet icy cold during headache, sensitive scalp. Made worse by: movement, even of eyes, coughing, stooping Made better by: pressure, closing eyes, lying down
Carduus marianus Action of this remedy is centered in the liver, which if sluggish may allow toxins to accumulate, precipitating headaches with vomiting. Head feels full and heavy with constricted feeling around skull, very sensitive to cold
Gelsemium Heaviness of head, band-like sensation. Pain begins in neck or back of head extending to forehead & eyes. Characteristic heaviness of eyelids, moving eyeballs is painful, brain feels bruised. Muscular soreness of neck and shoulders, pulsation of vessels in neck, dizziness upon stooping. Headache may be preceded by loss of vision. Worse for mental exertion, light. Better for lying down with head raised
Ipecacuanha Migraine headache with severe nausea & vomiting. Feels as if head and skull are crushed and bruised. Pain felt mainly in back of the head and extends from base of skull into the shoulders. Pain also felt in the face, mouth, teeth and root of tongue. Intense throbbing in forehead
Iris versicolor Classic migraine with visual aura, spots before the eyes, shimmering or blurred vision, dizziness and vomiting. Scalp feels constricted with band-like sensation. Shooting pain in temples that may alternate from side to side. Pain mainly in forehead, over eyes and top of head. Migraines often initiated when relaxing after mental strain, especially on weekends.
Lachnanthes Tearing frontal headache, top of head feels enlarged. Painful scalp, very sensitive to slightest noise, longs to keep eyes closed
Natrum muriaticum A key remedy in headaches and migraines. Sensations: ‘like hammers beating the head’, ‘as though head would burst’, heavy head, feels too large, pressing from both sides ‘as if in a vice’. Headaches often brought on by reading and eye strain. May be periodic, with menses. May have visual disturbances and vomiting. Must lie down in a dark, quiet room
Salicylic acid  Piercing pain in temples, confusion in head on rising suddenly, vertigo
Sanguinaria canadensis Headache begins in neck or right shoulder and extends to forehead and eyes. Band-like constriction across forehead, just below eyebrows. Flushed face with pulsating, throbbing vessels in temples and  sides of neck. Vomits with headaches. Must lie down in a dark, quiet room
Spigelia anthelmintica Mainly left-sided excruciating headaches with throbbing and bursting pain in left forehead and temple, above or in left eye. Better from pressure with finger deep into and under the inner corner of left eye socket and brow bone. Frontal sinus headaches involving eyes. Worse for jarring motion, smoke, loud noise and stooping


Acute migraine: At first sign of impending migraine, suck 3-5 pillules in a clean mouth every 15 mins until response occurs. Reduce dosing interval to 1- 2 hourly until relief is obtained, thereafter every 4-6 hours as needed until well.
Chronic/frequent episodes: Dose once daily upon waking for a period of time. As condition resolves, stop dosing.

Do not dose continuously for longer than 3-5 days. If further treatment is required, consult a homeopath or health practitioner. If any new symptoms develop that were not present initially, stop the remedy and consult a homeopath.


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