Pegasus Arthritis and Gout 30C


Acute and chronic inflammatory pain including arthritis and gout.


Pegasus Arthritis & Gout 30C

Indications: Acute and chronic inflammatory pain including arthritis and gout.


Rheumatism – a non-specific term embracing various diseases of connective tissue presenting with pain, stiffness or swelling of muscles or joints.

Sciatica – pain in the line of distribution of the sciatic nerve (i.e. buttock, back of thigh, calf and foot)


Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Apium graveolens 6C Rheumatic pain in muscles of neck and sacrum. ‘Growing pains’
Apocynum androsaemifolium 30C Pain in all joints, especially big toe, right shoulder and knee. Tingling pain in toes with swelling of feet and hands, violent heat and cramps in soles of feet.
Aurum metallicum 30C Destruction of bones causing tearing, paralytic pains in joints and bones. Nightly leg pain especially in knees.
Bryonia 30C Joints red, swollen and hot. Knees stiff and painful pain worsened by the least movement. Always better for application of heat as well as pressure or binding up the joint. Sciatica is better for lying on the painful side. Weariness and heaviness in all limbs. Pins and needles in the soles hinder walking, with cracking in hip joints. Acute inflammation of toe joints.
Capsicum 6C Shooting pains from hips to feet, joints are stiff, painful and ‘crack’ on beginning to move. Feels as though limbs would go to sleep, as if paralysed.
Causticum 30C Burning rheumatic pain in joints, hands and arms, stiffness in ankles. Chronic rheumatism and left sided sciatica, worse for cold. Contracted ‘carpel tunnel’ syndrome of tendons in palms. Better for warmth, especially the heat of bed. Restless legs at night with cramps in calves, feet, toes and Achilles tendon. Frozen shoulder, writers’ cramp. Electric shock-like pain in legs with numbness and paralysis of single parts.
Colchicum 30C Specifically beneficial in relieving gouty attacks, especially of the small joints, which are hot, red and swollen with tearing pains. These pains are worse in the evening and into the night and for any touch or motion.
Gnaphalium 30C Excellent sciatic nerve remedy, where alternating numbness and intense pain occur. Cramps in calves & feet in bed. Chronic muscular rheumatism of back and neck. Rheumatic pain in ankles and legs ‘as though they lack oil’. Gouty rheumatic pains in big toes
Ledum palustre 6C Rheumatism begins in lower limbs and ascends. Soles so painful, can’t step on them. Swollen ankles & ball of big toes. Gouty pains shoot through feet and limbs especially the small joints with ‘cracking’ in gouty nodes on finger joints. Pain in joints worse for alcohol, movement and at night. Limbs are numb and ‘fall asleep’.
Lithium carbonicum 30C Paralytic stiffness of whole body. Rheumatic pains through right shoulder joint, arm, fingers and knees. Burning itching pains especially in finger joints and balls of thumbs and fingers. Gouty nodes present with chronic rheumatism.
 Salicylic acid 6C Acute rheumatism involving especially elbows and knees with heat, acute pain and swelling, worse for touch and motion. Symptoms improve with hot application.

Dosage: In acute gout and arthritis, suck 3-5 pillules in a clean mouth every half hour for 3 doses, then hourly for 3 doses. Thereafter dose 2 – 4 hourly until relief is obtained.

Maintenance: Dose once daily or up to 3 times daily as required. Drink an adequate amount of water on a daily basis.

Do not dose continuously for longer than 3-5 days. If further treatment is required, consult a homeopath or health practitioner. If any new symptoms develop that were not present initially, stop the remedy and consult a homeopath.


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