Natura Procordal Plus 25ml


This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the heart and circulatory systems.

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Natura Procordal Plus 25ml


This is a homoeopathic medicine which assists in supporting the function of the heart and circulatory systems and assists in treatment of:
Circulatory problems
Poor circulation
Pre-diagnosed low blood pressure (hypotension)
Varicose veins.


Each 5ml of liquid contains:

Ambra grisea D7
Aurum metallicum D10
Avena sativa D1
Chininum arsenicosum D7
Convallaria majalis D1
Crataegus rhipidophylla D1
Equisetum hiemale D1
Hamamelis virginiana D1
Kalmia latifolia D5
Melissa officinalis D7
Selenicereus grandiflorus (Cactus grandiflorus) D1
Spigelia anthelmia D7
Veratrum album D7
Preservative: 16% Alcohol

Homoeopathic Mode of Action

Ambra grisea acts on the central nervous system to counteract nervous hypersensitivity associated with mental and physical weakening with age, intense shyness, vertigo of age and slow thinking processes. It also acts on the blood to treat anaemia and the vascular system to improve circulation and treat numbness of extremities

Ambra grisea has a tonic and strengthening effect on the cardio-vascular and central nervous systems, the blood and bones. It relieves bone pain, palpitations and swelling associated with heart conditions. It has an anti-hypertensive action and treats arteriosclerosis with degenerative changes

Avena sativa has a nutritive action on the brain and nervous system, helping treat nervous exhaustion, sleeplessness and numbness of limbs

Chininum arsenicosum has a general tonic action on the body and is useful for extreme weariness, circulatory weakness after acute infections and icy coldness of the skin. It improves cardiac function, treating palpitations, a sensation of the heart having stopped and early myocardial degeneration

Convallaria majalis increases the energy of cardiac action and regulates arrhythmias. It treats hypertrophy of the heart muscle with dyspnoea, endocarditis, palpitations, angina pectoris and rapid, irregular pulse

Crataegus rhipidophylla has a tonic action on the muscle of the heart, is anti-hypertensive and has a sedative action on the nervous system. It is useful for arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris and aortic disease

Equisetum hiemale helps counteract urinary tract symptoms of old age, due to poor nervous supply to the bladder with resultant incontinence

Hamamelis virginica acts on the blood vessel walls to prevent extreme dilation with venous stasis and poor circulation. It treats passive haemorrhage, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and varicose ulcers

Kalmia latifolia has a tonic action on heart function and improves circulation, helping relieve weakness, numbness, pricking and coldness of the limbs

Melissa officinalis has a natural calming effect, improves sleep and enhances a sense of well-being

Selenicereus grandiflorus acts on the circular muscle fibres of the heart and the blood vessels to relieve constriction associated with conditions like haemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, poor circulation, blood clotting, weak cardiac action, violent palpitations on occasion, endocarditis with valve insufficiency, angina pectoris, low blood pressure, oedema of hands and feet, numbness of left arm, icy-cold hands and restless legs

Spigelia anthelmia acts on the heart and the nervous system. It treats pericarditis, anaemia, debility, chilly body parts due to poor circulation, palpitations and weak, irregular pulse, dyspnoea and angina pectoris

Veratrum album stimulates cardiac action and in so doing has a strengthening and tonic action in individuals experiencing great debility, including post-operatively and in old age. It treats coldness and blueness of body parts, cramps in the extremities, palpitations and feeble, irregular pulse

Dosage and Directions for use

Take one medicine measure (5ml) three times daily before meals.

Side Effects and Special Precautions

There are no known side effects.


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