easiHEALTH COLON™ / 20


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easiHEALTH COLON™ / 20


easiHEALTH COLON™ is a specially formulated capsule that contains a probiotic, prebiotic, Isphagula (Psyllium husk) and Peppermint leaf powder. This combination is a supplement which may be used for relieving a wide range of digestive ailments and may improve digestion. The peppermint soothes and calms abdominal discomfort.


  • Lactobacillus Sporogenes (6bn cfu/g)
  • Raftilose
  • Isphagula powdered 95%
  • Peppermint Leaf Powder


  • Prophylactic Dosage: 2-3 Capsules twice a day.
  • Symptomatic Dosage: 2-3 Capsules three times a day.
  • Treatment with antibiotics: 1 Capsule daily.
  • To be taken with a large glass of water before meals.




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