Dr Boxall’s Sceletium, Moringa & Hemp Powder 150g


The most comprehensive SuperFood Protein Powder.


Dr Boxall’s Sceletium, Moringa & Hemp Powder 150g

  • Raw Sceletium 3 in 1 superfood smoothie powder
  • Sceletium – calms, elevates mood
  • Moringa – powerful antioxidant, superbly nutritious
  • Hemp seed – fiber, minerals & protein
  • Boost Neuro Chemicals
  • Comprehensive source of Vitamins & Minerals
  • High natural protein source

The most comprehensive SuperFood Protein Powder. The mood-elevating action of Sceletium promoted by several alkaloids incl. Mesembrine, mesembrenol & tortuosamine. These alkaloids interact with the brain’s dopamine & serotonin receptors, also known as neurotransmitters. Moringa Leaf is regarded as one of natures most abundant source of vitamins, minerals & amino acids. Moringa contains antioxidants called flavonoids, polyphenols & ascorbic acid which fight free radicals or molecules that cause oxidative stress, cell damage & inflammation. Hemp Seed is a good source of fibre with an impressive array of vitamins & minerals. A complete source of protein, providing all nine essential amino acids, the building blocks for all proteins, some of these are exclusively derived through diet. Hemp Seed contains argi-nine, an amino acid essential for artery & vein dilation, keeping blood vessel walls smooth & elastic, reducing the risk of health issues such as arrhythmias, high blood pressure & heart disease.

Each 15g serving consists of organically grown: * 10g Hemp Seed Protein * 4.5g Moringa * 500mg Sceletium
Consult with your physician before using this product if you are presently taking prescription medication for stress, depression or anxiety, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Stop using if any side effects occur. this product is a food supplement and does not claim to cure any diseases.
Add 15g of this Superfood powder to any drink or meal for a dose of nature’s finest!  Smoothies – 15g of this Superfood Powder, 200ml Almond Milk/Milk, 1 Frozen Banana/Fruit and a Scoop of Honey (if required). Blend well and ready to serve!


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