Balance Pomegranate Complex Nourishing Body Elixir 50ml


BALANCE Nourishing Body Elixir with pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E and Rose extracts, regenerates, moisturises and repairs tired, dry and sun-damaged skin.

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Balance Pomegranate Complex Nourishing Body Elixir 50ml

BALANCE Nourishing Body Elixir with pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E and Rose extracts, regenerates, moisturises and repairs tired, dry and sun-damaged skin

Application: release 3 – 4 pumps of the hydrating and repairing elixir into the palm of your hands. Mix with your favourite body lotion or aqueous cream for easy distribution over the entire body, or use pure on problem areas such as dry elbows or summer feet.
The BALANCE Body Elixir is the perfect antidote for irritated, dry, and stressed skin. The addition of Vitamin E and Rose extracts assists in the regeneration of the skin, repairing and re-balancing the ravages of time and exposure to the elements. Use regularly for best results.

Available in 50ml pump action bottle. Caution: Store product out of direct sunlight / Use within 3 months of purchase / Avoid use during pregnancy and on infants unless authorised by medical practitioner.

So why Pomegranate Seed Oil?

1. They contain a unique polyunsaturated oil – Punicic Acid – which fights free radicals.
2. Contains Omega5 fatty acid
3. Is an anti-inflammatory
4. Helps prevent skin ageing
5. Protects against sun damage
6. The oils extremely high in nutrient value
7. Assists with the regeneration of skin and makes it indispensible in skincare regimes
8. Only a small amount is needed to achieve positive results
9. Reinvigorates and stimulates Kerintacyte cells found in the outer layers of the skin
10. Helps reverse skin damage
11. Gives a youthful and softened skin appearance
12. Punicic Acid has been found to help prevent skin cancers caused by the sun
13. Pomegranate Seed Oil penetrates deeply into the skin – leaving a lasting and healthy moisture. No oily residue
14. Perfect for all skin types
15. Particularly acne and oily skins
16. Controls acne breakouts and reduces scarring
17. Soothes and reduces irritation for sufferers from eczema, psoriasis and sunburn
18. Heals wounds and restores skin health
19. Channels nutrients directly into the skin cells accelerating the cell regeneration process
20. Pomegranate Seed Oil contains human form of pro-estrogens which:
– Supports the hormonal balance in both men and women
– Improves the overall texture of the skin

Pomegranate Seed Oil is not only acclaimed for the skin but also for hair and nails

1. Revitalises dry and brittle hair
2. Protects against environmental pollution
3. High anti-oxidant and vitamin content
4. Increases blood circulation in scalp and strengthens blood vessels helping hair growth
5. Clears scalp debris – dandruff and flaky skin allowing healthy re-growth
6. Soothes and fights scalp bacteria
7. Anti-puritic properties help with scalp conditions like psoriasis and scalp eczema
8. Nourishes hair and is good source of Vitamin C making it an excellent hair tonic
9. Can be used as a hot oil treatment to nourish dry and frizzy hair

How to use the Nourishing Body Elixir

This is an all-over body (including the face) luxury treatment.
Please note that this can be recommended for facial use ONLY if your client is not allergic or have a highly sensitive skin
It is ideal after showering or bathing on a clean slightly damp skin
The elixir locks in moisture giving the skin a smooth silky finish
There is added Vitamin E which fights free radicals and is used as a natural preservative
Rose extract essential oil has been added for a glorious fragrance and as it contains an array of vitamins, minerals and is an anti-oxidant
Rose has an antiseptic and astringent property
Assists with acne skin
It is an anti-inflammatory so will ease itchiness and redness of skin
Rose Essential Oil balances hormones, relieves anxiety, improves depression, reduces rosacia and naturally increases the libido
Best used in the evening

When in doubt request client asks her doctor for advice
Do not advise use when pregnant unless permission granted by physician
Do not use Elixir on small infants rather use the Serum

What’s in the product?

Natural cold pressed Grape Seed Oil (carrier oil)
Natural cold pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil
Natural Rose essential oil (anti-bacterial and fragrance)
Vitamin E oil (preservative)
A pure and natural product containing only certified organic pomegranate seed oil harvested in South Africa, grape seed oil as a carrier, rose essential oil for its fragrance and anti-bacterial effects and Vitamin E oil as a preservative.
Our pomegranate seed oil contains a high level of Punicic Acid (over 70%) vital for reversing the negative effects of the sun and protecting the hair and skin from free radical effects.
Pomegranate seed oil is a natural anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial
The serum is used by patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation as a skin boosting treatment
Particularly beneficial for aged adults who suffer from skin ailments caused by acute dryness and lack of skin regeneration
Psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema sufferers have found huge relief and benefits in regular use of the serum
Grape seed oil is rich in vitamins C,D and E all of which help ion reducing wrinkles and scarring.
The anti-oxidants assist in treating skin disorders such as acne
Linoleic acid in grape seed oil is particularly beneficial in treatment of eczema
Rose essential oil gives the elixir it’s fragrance as well as the benefits of antiseptic and astringent properties.
Rose essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and reduces redness of the skin and itchiness
Rose essential oil balances hormones and is used for relieving anxiety, reducing rosacia and as a natural libido enhancer.


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