TSH CHECK is a rapid test for home use to detect hypothyroidism.




Tired? Lethargic? Weight gain?

TSH CHECK is a rapid test for home use to detect hypothyroidism. TSH CHECK provides a simple, safe and accurate way to measure elevated levels of TSH in the blood. A value above 5 μIU / ml indicates hypothyroidism (normal value 0.4-4.5 μIU / ml). In the case of a positive test result, an increased TSH level, and thus hypothyroidism, can be assumed. The test uses a reliable cassette test procedure that will help you quickly determine if an elevated level of TSH in your blood is detectable.


Elevated TSH values are an indicator of thyroid hypofunction. Thyroid hypofunction develops slowly, with increasing symptom strength and progressing effect on a person’s health. Early stage detection is important to begin treatment in time. TSH reference levels in healthy adults are between 0.4 – and 4.5 µIU/mL, levels above 5 µIU/mL TSH are a strong indicator for hypothyroidism.

Who should get tested?

Adults suffering from exhaustion, somnolence, slow cognition, emotional liability, intolerance to cold, constipation, depression, weight gain, muscular pain, muscle cramps and menstrual irregularity.

Advantages of self-test:

• Complete test-kit with all the necessary accessories.
• Safe & easy test procedure at home & immediate result.

• Narrows down the possible cause of symptoms, a doctor can use these results to detect the cause of hypothyroidism and initiate treatment.

Additional info:

• In persons of age (60+), TSH levels can increase naturally without the existence of symptoms.
• The test is not suited for children, as their TSH levels can be elevated naturally.


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